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Spherical Steel Structures is a general building contractor, specializing in the manufacturing and construction of residential and commercial spherical steel structures. We offer our consumers a variety of professional building services nationwide. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Spherical Steel Structures has seen enormous success by meeting the needs of developers, individual home owners, steel framing contractors, and other general contractors nationwide.

Spherical Building Services offers home owners, developers, and building contractors with qualified construction services anywhere. We specialize in providing our customers with professional, crews to erect their spherical steel structures in a safe and timely manner.

We can erect any spherical steel structure from any manufacturer anywhere. These range from stick-built and prefabricated panelized systems to packages designed and produced individually to meet your individual needs.

Spherical Building Services is involved building spherical steel structures nationwide year round, whereas most companies are simply not experienced in building spherical steel structures. Our crews, vehicles, and equipment are fully insured and carry workman's compensation and liability insurance. We offer technical support throughout the construction of your project. This support ranges from answering questions your subcontractors may have to suggestions we have on how to reduce your overall construction cost. If you are planning on building a spherical structure, we will be happy to help in any way.             




                Resources:   Spherical Building Services.com

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