Our engineered plans and drawings are created with the do-it-yourselfer and first-time builder in mind. Emphasis is given on their clarity and comprehension. Furthermore, they are COMPLETE! Complete in the sense that every stud, every angle clip, every connection, is drawn and/or detailed for complete understanding and clarity. We believe there exist no clearer, better understood and more complete spherical or geodesic building plans on the market today! Nevertheless, if the customer ever has a question regarding anything in our plans, our technical support is always available to them during normal business hours.

Aesthetics is independent of the method of construction. Spherical Steel Structures investigates and knows all about available component systems and techniques. Modern industrialized technologies - strong lightweight components offer mass customization. Light gauge steel components for industrialized structures have become an integral part of the manufactured system . 

Resulting prototypes incorporate sustainable technologies designed to reduce energy consumption and environmental damage. Technological advances have allowed considerations toward confronting contemporary concerns of sustainability, flexibility and security.

Spherical Design Engineers, offers architectural and engineering services for generating spherically designed building plans. We can convert any spherical wood plans to steel structured plans. We specialize in one of a kind spherical designs consisting of (more than four sides).

We can take your conceptual drawing or picture and create the engineered drawings you will need for your site location. Spherical Design Engineers will supply any or all plan contents and provide the necessary engineering stamp on the drawings required by your area.


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