Light Gauge Steel
At a project's inception, Spherical Steel Structures works with architects, builders and home owners who seek experienced insights into light gauge steel construction methods. Ways to build, lighter, stronger, fire-rated, termite-resistant, safer buildings, built to last. Structural steel or wood framing is not their only option - and in many cases is an inferior choice.

There's nothing like experience in the field to make someone appreciate the importance of proper planning in the office. Our designers have manufactured and built light gauge steel structures, so when they design a structure, they do it with a full understanding of how it will go up on site.

Our engineers are among the nation's most experienced experts in light gauge steel framing and construction. At Spherical Steel Structures, we follow a systems approach. That means we don't just build a stand alone truss. We design and build integrated systems that support one another. Construction labor can make a big difference in your project costs.

nstead of putting off work to the site crew, Spherical Steel Structures roof trusses are in sizes that allow for easy more efficient transportation and installation. It is common for other manufactures to build trusses that require cranes and other bracing on the job site. This practice significantly jacks up field labor and reduces safety. Do you really want people doing any more work than they have to, 20 feet off the ground, where work is most risky and inefficient?

The design and engineering of spherical light gauge steel trusses is a job for trained professionals. Not all engineers know how to design with this material properly. Here at Spherical Steel Structures we keep up with the latest designs, engineering and fabricating procedures to ensure your structure is safe and efficient.

We have our own software that incorporates the latest building and light gauge steel framing codes to fully analyze your project. In-house manufacturing lets us control and manage quality. We oversee all steel fabrication and assemble all spherical steel  structures where we can coordinate elements and makes sure the process is integrated.

Incorporating these components and more. We design, engineer, fabricate, assemble and deliver what you need to operate more efficiently. We have the most automated framing equipment for light gauge steel in the country, ensuring we can handle your largest project in a cost effective and timely manner.

Light Gauge Steel Advantages


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